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Rookie Class Reunion

It means a lot to be here at the Rookie Symposium. It's one of the first post-Draft events where so many of the rookies are together. Being able to come out here with my teammates has been a great experience because this is one of the first times we've had a chance to bond with our rookie class. We've been able to really talk, not worry about game plans, but just talk about real-life stuff. 

The Eagles have done a great job providing us with rookie training, and the Symposium is another way to remind us of the lessons that we are learning at our clubs. At the same time, I've gotten some really great lessons from the speakers here. Listening to Chris Herren talk about substance abuse and how it changed his life, I think everybody took note of that. And then hearing from guys like Eddie George and Ricky Williams, players that we grew up watching, sit up there and talk as past NFL shows that the lifespan of an NFL player does go by very quickly so you need to make the most of it.

The main thing I'll take with me into the season is that when you're in the office, and even during your time off, remain professional, take it as seriously as possible and always make sure you are ready to go. At the same time, you can't overthink it because by the time the game is over, you don't want to only identify yourself as a football player. Remember who you are first and foremost and then put your heart and soul into football. 

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