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Lots of Rookie Info!

This is an interesting and unique event that the NFL has set up for us. They are giving us a lot of information, and having guys who have been in the league and experienced real incidents (like Donte Stallworth) speak to gives you that 3D perspective from somebody who has been there. It's not just somebody up there – who hasn't experienced these things – telling you what to do.

I've heard some of this information before, but they are giving details that really make it clear for us to understand. I think that after it's all said and done, and I have a chance to retain this information and use it in my life, then I'll be able to step back and really understand what I learned and remember where I learned it.

So far, my transition into the NFL has been fine. Getting in that playbook is the biggest thing for a young guy to do. If you can't line up in the right place and know what you have to do, it's going to be hard for you to step on the field to play, no matter how much talent you have. 
But after leaving this Symposium, I will definitely take with me information that I can use in the future. It's been some long days, but I'm enjoying myself and am picking up information that's definitely worth listening to.

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